Earth Day and Employee Recognition

Spring is here! And with it a new season full of reasons to celebrate and sell.

Earth Day is April 22nd. Celebrate the anniversary of the modern environmental movement in your company. Show your team and customers that you care about the environment – the one within your company and out.

Earth Day is one of the largest celebrations worldwide. According to Earth Day Network, more than 1 billion people are involved in Earth Day activities, making it “the largest civic event in the world.”

Why not use this popular and important event to show off your company and the people who work for it?

Employees want to know they are valued by their employer. An undervalued worker underperforms. How are you showing appreciation?

Small gestures can make big impacts. This Earth Day, give a small gift as a token of your appreciation for both the global environment and the smaller environment of the people who make your company thrive.

Gift a plant and encourage growth in employees’ while giving back to nature.

Support sustainable water usage with this USA made, BPA free reusable water bottle.

For something fresh and new, consider these notebooks made from apple peels! An earth-friendly, organic and unique gift!