We’re still here and ready to help you with your promotional needs. This past year has been tough for everyone. Whether you spent it quarantined and working from home or masked up in the office, chances are your work life has changed. Perhaps, like a few of us here at One 2 One Marketing, you were working from home while helping a child navigate distance learning. Thanks to Zoom and other virtual platforms, we’ve attended both work and personal events from the comfort of home. And who knew sharing thanksgiving or game night with friends and family via Zoom could be fun? Or maybe our standard for fun has changed. The point is it’s been quite a year both personally and professionally.

At One 2 One Marketing, we’ve been stretched, challenged and tested. We’ve adapted and persevered. We leaned on our 30+ years of industry experience and the relationships we’ve made with suppliers and customers to provide goods and services relevant in this COVID-era. With less focus on in-person events, we brought our customers personal protective gear (PPE) with their company logo. We found masks, hand sanitizers, no-touch door openers and safety signage. When they had to downsize their projects because of budget cuts, we understood. And we’ll be here when they are ready to grow their business.

Few industries worldwide have been unaffected by the pandemic. At One 2 One Marketing, we are fortunate to have weathered the COVID-19 storm and the industry lows it brought with it. While this year has been challenging for our business, we’re doing ok. In fact, in an industry with numbers down 15% in Q1, our sales were up almost 5%.

As we reflect on this past year with a sense of gratitude, we’re evaluating what worked for us and why we survived the market downturns that affected other suppliers in our industry. Here are a few ways we stayed in the game and more importantly how our success can benefit you.

  1. We find creative solutions to help our clients.

Maybe this sounds a bit of a generic no-brainer. We’re in marketing, so we are creative. But before face masks were sold everywhere and while companies were scrambling to pull together a plan for keeping their employees safe at work, we did the research.

Face masks, neck gaiters, hand sanitizers, no-touch door openers, safety signage… These are not common items for us to sell, but we found the manufacturers with the inventory and ability to provide quality PPE fast.  We distributed masks with companies logos and other PPE gear to Cargill, UNFI, the University of Minnesota, to name a few.

When you think of promotional and marketing gear, know that we can do more than the popular branded drinkware, writing utensils, and awards.

  1. We care.

We are creative people who work to strategize with you to make a targeted promotional marketing campaign for your business. Furthermore, we know that when you look good it reflects well on us, too.

Traditionally, the promotional product’s industry is associated with trade shows and giveaways. This year we learned more than ever the importance of flexibility and the ability to think outside the box.

While we have 30 years experience outfitting companies with uniforms, incentive memorabilia and awards and recognition programs, we are constantly learning the newest marketing trends to help you grow your business and reach your audience.

  1. We’re all about relationships.

Yes, we’re always looking for new and exciting opportunities, but we thrive on building and sustaining long-lasting relationships.

Over the last 30 years we’ve had the privilege of coming alongside some of the biggest companies in Minnesota.

We believe it’s been our dedication to customer service and genuine relationships that sustain these connections. Some of our regular clients had to hit pause on their projects. Some needed to switch gears. We understand, and we’ll be here when they come back.

If you are fortunate enough to still have a business after the pandemic, you also have employees and customers. You need creative ways to stay connected to your people. We understand that different times call for new strategies. So we spent the last year adapting and plan to keep going strong.

If you work with us, we will use our experience and ingenuity to find the opportunities to strengthen the bonds between your employees and customers and improve your brand recognition and reputation, with or without a pandemic.

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*When talking about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the promotional product’s industry, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that while there are very real and relevant consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on industries worldwide, the loss of human life and the continued battle to protect it is paramount. We offer our sincere condolences to those who have lost a loved one due to COVID-19.