The Situation:

For one of our largest clients, their years of service program had been previously characterized by a limited number of gift offerings, a manual and cumbersome gift selection, order placement and fulfillment process, the absence of cost containment practices, the unavailability of management reporting, unattractive and unprofessional communication materials, and an inconsistent and unsatisfactory celebrant recognition experience.

The Solution:

Automation of gift packets sent to celebrants supervisors 90 days prior to the anniversary month of the celebrant, thereby streamlining the logistics of anniversary notification and gift selection. The gifts component also consists of approximately 90 offerings of quality, name brand merchandise items at each year level. This broad gift selection appeals to all men and women.

The development of a training component, consisting of a presentation tip sheet provided to supervisors instructing them on the best practices of presenting service awards.

The development of a robust reporting component, consisting of real time reports accessible to HR coordinators and supervisors. The reports show by location, gifts ordered by celebrant, status of orders, and names of celebrants who have not ordered gifts.

The Result:

Standardization and automation of the years of service program by providing fixed cost; all-inclusive pricing of each year level. Hard dollar costs of the program have been reduced by more than 20% annually and soft dollar cost reductions are estimated to be substantial given the many locations served by the program.