The promotional products industry focuses on, well…promoting

The promotional products industry focuses on, well…promoting. This may seem obvious, but what does “promoting” include? At One2One Marketing, we help companies grow their business and achieve customer and employee satisfaction. We do this by coming up with creative solutions to Promote, Motivate and Recognize.

Companies reach out to us to provide them with unique and effective ways to showcase their business. The opportunities to plan creative solutions are limitless. We help narrow down the options and skillfully find the best solutions.

Practical and creative marketing ideas are all around us. So what do we have right in front of us?

What do April showers and kid’s sports have in common? How can they influence business growth and employee satisfaction?

April showers and kid’s sports provide an opportunity for creative, timely and practical solutions for your promotional product needs.

Imagine standing on the side lines of a kid’s soccer team on a rainy day. Next to you someone opens an umbrella displaying their company logo. Perhaps the owner of the umbrella received it as an employee recognition gift. Now that employee is advertising at their child’s game. Someone at that game may happen to be in the market for something in that industry.

What about sitting at a baseball game? How about sitting on a picnic blanket or stadium chair branded with your company logo?

The options are endless and at varying price points. There are so many ways to use a well timed gift to an employee to the benefit of your company.

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